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12 years ago
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12 years ago
Download firefox for windows :

The instruction in step 1 says "Start the process by clicking Run File." but the illustrative image shows 'Save file' which is a different behaviour.

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12 years ago
instructions on step 2 are wrong as well, haven't checked MacosX instructions.

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12 years ago
ok, found the problem. The client-side sniffing for the platform defaults on Vista text but XP screenshots if it doesn't detect your platform (javascript disabled or people like me downloading the windows version from another OS), adding Tomcat to CC to get some testing.
the mac instructions looks good so far for OS X, but the windows instructions are really wrong - confirmed on XP . 

I can confirm this when i download the en-US Windows Version with XP SP2 and also when i want to download the DE Version from

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For Step 2 i think most user get the "Security Warning Window" on IE 7, so maybe we should put this as text for step 2 

and in step 3 the "Give permission to launch the setup wizard by clicking Continue after the file has downloaded and follow the install instructions" or so

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12 years ago
Thanks guys. We should definitely change step 1 to Run File, but otherwise we're comfortable with the text as it is. Our goal was to provide general touchpoints that people could follow to connect the dots between the steps, rather than listing every single step in minute detail...the thought being that doing so would  increase the # of steps shown to the point where it would make downloading & installing Firefox look like a much more significant task than it actually is.

I should also mention that our QA dept here has reviewed this page and didn't see any major problems.

So, unless you guys think there are serious issues here that will confuse someone to the point of frustration or not being able to complete the download, I would say that this text is ready for localization (oncde we change Run to Save).


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12 years ago
I've managed to get completely lost in a maze of download dialogs in Windows XP, Vista, IE6, and IE7. John, can you clarify what should change here? Is it the image for Step 1, or the text? Thanks.

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12 years ago
The only thing that needs to change for now is the text should change from text from "run file" to "save file".

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12 years ago
Changed "Run File" to "Save File" for XP and tagged the change for production in r7259.

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12 years ago
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Screenshot of download page using XP
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