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[Calendar Menu] Followup to menu cleanup


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This issue describes all open aspects of issue 392584 where the new calendar menu was described. For a further documentation see:
[2] gives a commented overview about the proposed changes
[3] points to a xul based prototype




Open aspects are:
File menu: 'Open Calendar File' menuitem not yet implemented: The according action behind this is available only for Sunbird and needs to be consolidated.

Edit menu: 'Delete' menuitem and 'Select' menu are not yet implemented and demand further discussion.

View Menu: 'Task List' and 'CalendarList' menuitems have not yet been implemented, as they were not yet relevant for the comming release 0.7
View menu -> CurrentView -> Numbers of Weeks - menu is not yet implemented - no implementation for these actions are available so far.

Go-menu -> date menuitem. Not yet implemented. An appropriate action is available for Sunbird, but needs to be consolidated, so that it can be used by both applications.
Go-menu: 'Next' menu and 'Previous' are not yet implemented. It remains to be discussed wether it makes sense to all menuitems in all views. e.g "Next week" in the calendar-day-view.
Go-menu: 'Reminders' and 'reload remote Calendars' are not yet implemented

Calendar-menu: 'Unsubscribe' menuitem and 'publish' menuitem are not yet implemented.

Help-menu: Menu-items for release notes and about dialog were skipped. As described in issue 392584 due to a nameclash "brandShortName" delivered "Thunderbird". The brand.dtd, where this placeholder is defined is only packed in for Sunbird. For the other
usecases of this placeholder it was so far desired to get the brandname of
"Thunderbird". This has to be resolved first. Reusing the existing Thunderbird menuitems 'Release Notes' to open the lightning release notes page in calendar mode was understandably refused by Christian.
I should also mention that I implemented most of the outstanding menuitems in the file (lightning/content(messenger-overlay-sidebar.xul) but marked them as commented.
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