100% CPU usage when calendar is connected to Zimbra calendar



11 years ago
11 years ago


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Lightning 0.5
Windows XP




11 years ago
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I believe the problem is the the calendar (Lightning and Sunbird) but it also effects Thunderbird and Firefox.

With Lightning installed in Thunderbird I connected the lightning calendar to my Zimbra calendar.  Things worked fine for a couple of weeks but then Thunderbird and Firefox both locked up.  Windows Task Manager showed me that Thunderbird was taking 100% of the CPU and that the memory usage jumped to over 500 meg.  When I killed Thunderbird I found that Firefox would start to work again.  I restarted Thunderbird and it would work for less than a minute before it stopped responding, CPU at 100% and over 500meg memory usage.  If I left it in this state for a long time (10 to 20 minutes) it would start to work again.  CPU usage dropped, memory usage dropped back to normal.  However, after about a minute or two the whole thing would start over again.  CPU usage at 100%, memory usage over 500meg and neither Thunderbird or Firefox would respond.

I uninstalled Lightning and then things worked fine.  I installed Sunbird and it worked until I connected it to my Zimbra calendar.  Now Sunbird took 100% of the CPU and used over 500meg of memory.  Firefox and Sunbird stopped working.  I killed Sunbird and then Firefox would work again.  I reinstalled Lightning and it remembered the connection to Zimbra and problem was still present.  

I was able to remove the connection to the Zimbra calendar (kill Thunderbird, restart Thunderbird and remove the Zimbra calendar before Thunderbird stopped resonding).  Now things are working OK.  Thunderbird works, Firefox works, Lightning works (without Zimbra).

The only thing that I can think of that changed on my computer between when everything worked and then is stopped working was to install the latest Windows update.

There are a couple of other computers here that are running Thunderbird/Lightning but they are not having any trouble.  They are connected to the Zimbra calendar and they are working fine.  I don't know what's different about my computer.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1.  Install Lighting in Thunderbird.  Or install Sunbird
2.  Connect to Zimbra calendar
Actual Results:  
Thunderbird (or Sunbird) does not respond, Firefox does not respond.  Thunderbird (or Sunbird) uses 100% of the CPU and over 500 meg of memory

Expected Results:  
Thunderbird (or Sunbird) should have worked.  Firefox should have worked.

With Thunderbird (or Sunbird) taking 100% of the CPU I could still run Seamonkey.  I did not try to install Lightning in Seamonkey.  Other applications would still respond but were sluggish.  Only Thunderbird (or Sunbird) would not respond.


11 years ago
Version: unspecified → Lightning 0.5
Could you either attach the .ics file from Zimbra for examination or check the file yourself for specific details that could cause the hang e.g. as described in Bug 377487?

Does the issue also exists if you use a recent Sunbird 0.7pre nightly test build?
Wayne, any new information regarding the requests from Comment #1?
No response regarding Comment #1 and Comment #2. Please provide the requested information to allow developers to reproduce the issue.
Last Resolved: 11 years ago
Keywords: hang
Resolution: --- → INCOMPLETE
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