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Download information panel crops URI and filepath, making the 'information' panel not providing all info


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The URI and filepath in the information panel of the download manager has a strange UI. Buttons are used to display the URI and filepath in a cropped way, and the styling of those "buttons" is removed, so that it is not clear that these are not buttons...

How to reproduce:
1. download one or more items
2. Open download manager
3. click on the (i) button
Expected result: information panel with full details on the downloaded item, including date, size, but most importantly URI and Filepath as readonly textboxes (just like for example PageInfo, Bookmark Properties, etc).
Actual result: panel with cropped URI and filepath, which behave as buttons (but are not displayed as such).
Blocks: 372972
Whiteboard: DUPEME?
I agree that the button-nature of these things is both surprising and non-discoverable.  Requesting wanted-firefox3 for this.
Flags: blocking-firefox3?
No longer blocks: 372972
I agree that this is wanted, and I think Madhava will be able to forward some better design ideas here.

(FTR, though, read-only textboxes are a bit of a usability nightmare, since they either look like disabled fields, or like regular textboxes, but act like neither of those things.)
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Whiteboard: [wanted-firefox3]
Bug 405888 removed the info button and the filename is in the main display. If you want the full path, you can show the containing folder, but seems like it's not something we need to provide in the main download manager UI.
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