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I just updated to and can't use Yahoo Mail Beta


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I get multiple error message while Yahoo Mail Beta is trying to load.  

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Go to Yahoo Mail Beta
2. Type user name and password 
3. Errors occur while Y! Mail is trying to load
Actual Results:  
I get multiple error messages.   Yahoo Mail Beta never loads.  I cannot see my mail.

Expected Results:  
It should have loaded the page and I should have been able to see my mail.
I can see the same problem on windows vista.
Today, firefox upgraged to, and now, yahoo mail in unreachable.
It is possibly a duplicate of bug 396673 and/or bug 396660
Ever confirmed: true
Works for me with on Mac, XP and Vista,

Arno, Paul, can you login into yahoo mail with a new profile ? (
Version: unspecified → 2.0 Branch
Yes, it works with a new profile.
I also discovered it works in main profile after removing cookies every cookie related to yahoo.

May the problem is on yahoo side ?
I just had this problem when trying to find a regression range from almost a year ago with yahoo mail beta.  Kept telling I was not using a supported version even though I was.  Even when I wasn't yahoo mail has always let me login with Minefield in the useragent.
This is the error I received:

Yahoo! Mail experienced a login error: Login error:
message:j has no properties

Firefox 3.0b1
Vista Business OS
The new version of yahoo mail worked with the last version of for me although I still wanted to use the old html classic version.  When I switched to Beta 3 it wasn't working and I'd have to wait till the java errors messages came up to switch to classic from a pop up window.  If I insisted to go to inbox the headers would be displayed but the content wouldn't.  XP Beta 3.3 now and it still does the same thing.  I suspect it is a java applet related issue within 3beta.
For US yahoo users if your history memory is not deleted and you type http://us.f** where ** would be a 3 digit number most likely, the classic old version will come up.
Switching to an other mail system is preferable to using IE any time!  :)

still see this?
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WFM, but => incomplete without info from reporter
please reopen if more information becomes available per previous comments
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