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11 years ago
In the Other Applications product we have a bunch of Target Milestones:

M1 .. M18
mozilla0.6 .. mozilla1.9

The first are kind of good, nice and unspecific and any application should be able to make use of them. The latter are really only good for apps that are tied to the gecko version they release against. Not necessarily bad either just not quite so universal.

In the Version field we have:

1.0 Branch
1.4 Branch
1.7 Branch
1.8 Branch
Other Branch

I can't imagine that these values are particularly useful to any app trying to tie it's bugs to the releases that exhibit it.

I'd be interested to know whether we have a policy already in place for this product? From my point of view I would like to see the M1..M18 values replicated into the version field however I think it's a good idea to get views from all the rest of you using this product.

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11 years ago
For ChatZilla, the Branch/Trunk versions are potentially useful, as we exist on the various branches, but I don't think our development model necessitates them.

The current target milestones are useless, but I figure anything generic or tied to a different application will be equally useless to us also.

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10 years ago
personally i find it a pain having to jump through the versions field of core to get to what i want (this is entirely my fault, since i added the psm versions as part of a migration, but it conveniently shows why you don't want too many for an alphabetical field).
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