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Another flock of l10n tinderboxens


( Graveyard :: Server Operations, task)

Not set


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(Reporter: Pike, Assigned: justdave)



(Whiteboard: done by 11/28 per dave)

Dave, I'd need another round of tinderboxens created. Did you file that bug to make it non-cumbersome? Didn't find it right now.

Anyway, could you create l10n tinderboxens


for the following locales?

bn-IN, fa, hi-IN, ml, ne-NP, rw, sr, ta

That's the list we have in the queue right now, not all of them are actually ready, but I guess that once you're setting them up, a few more per bug hurt less than a new bug every now and then.

The current real candidate is ne-NP, though.

Assignee: build → server-ops
Component: Tinderbox Configuration → Server Operations: Tinderbox Maintenance
QA Contact: ccooper → justin
Until bug 398050 gets fixed, this is a server ops problem.
Component: Server Operations: Tinderbox Maintenance → Server Operations
probably ought to be me that does this, but it'll be a day or two before I have time to mess with it because of higher priority stuff.  I'll leave it in the queue in case someone else wants to give it a shot.
Assignee: server-ops → justdave
Since it got assigned back to me I guess nobody else wanted to give it a shot.  I'll get this later tonight.
Dave, can you move to, too?

Or rip out the first, and create the latter? af-ZA is the old code that we used pre-1.0, not sure why that's still there.
pong.  Going to try to work this into the upgrade tonight or shortly thereafter since I'll be messing with it anyway.

I was kind of stalling for bug 398050 but that obviously isn't happening fast enough.
Whiteboard: done by 11/28 per dave
Axel: most of the existing l10n tinderboxes that claim to be trunk by their names are listing AVIARY_1_0_20040515_BRANCH for the cvs branch in their configs. Conversely, most of the l10n tinderboxes that claim to be 1.8 branch by their names are listing HEAD for the cvs branch in the config.  I assume this is all confused? :) Something to fix on bug 397298 I suppose.
OK, this is all done. (The new trees and the af move)
Closed: 13 years ago
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