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Coming in the next couple of weeks to a RTF file near you...
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draft release notes for 1.6a1

Sam and I went through these tonight, and here's what we ended up with....
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draft release notes for 1.6a1


I never noticed all of those colons before.  Do we need them?

>	•	Greatly enhanced AppleScript support.

Strike "greatly".

>	•	When changing Chinese, Japanese, or Korean font preferences, using the “Advanced” sheet will now set the font correctly.

Strike "using".

>	•	Camino can now open files with the Mac type code “TEXT” from the “Open File…” dialog.


>	•	Camino will no longer claim to support the gopher protocol.

gopher stands out too much when monospaced like this, and I don't care about gopher, and neither does anyone else, so it's getting too much attention.  Leave it in the normal typeface, or maybe give it the quotes like you gave TEXT above.

>	•	The date formats in History now display properly according to the user’s locale.

Dates are displayed according to the user’s locale in the History window.

(I don't really like "History window", but I like it better than "in History.")

>	•	Camino now remembers the last-selected preference pane across restarts.

"most recently selected"

>	•	The Action menu in the “Show Cookies” sheet now contains items to add sites to the exceptions list.

Lowecase "a", it's not a proper name.

>	•	The tab bar is now scrollable; when there are more tabs open than can be displayed in the tab bar, right and left scroll arrows appear.

s/; when there are more tabs/. When more tabs are/

>	•	The tab overflow menu has been replaced by a menu displaying all open tabs in the current window, with separators delineating visible tabs and those off-screen on the left or right.

Get rid of everything after the comma.

>	•	Option-clicking on the tab scroll buttons scroll a window’s width of tabs.

Check the tense of scroll(v).

>	•	Camino now honors the hidden preference to load tabs created by “Links that would open new windows” in the background.

Why is that text in quotes?  I know why, but will any other reader?  And how can I put this feature to use for me?  We're saying it's hidden, and what, we're expecting the user to play hide-and-seek with us?

>	•	When another tab is focused to display an alert, closing the alert will return focus to the original tab.

I'm finding these increasingly more difficult to follow.  Does this make more sense if it starts with "When an alert causes tab focus to change"?

>	•	It is no longer possible to tab into the toolbar search field when the field is collapsed.

You probably tab to things more often than you tab into them.

>	•	The status bar now takes on the dark grey, rounded appearance on Mac OS X 10.5.

"now takes on"?

>	•	Pressing the spacebar when a <select> is focused will now pop up the <select>’s menu.

"will now display the pop-up menu."

>	•	The onbeforeunload event now fires when closing tabs or windows.

Here's something that should be monospaced or “quoted,” especially if it's going to follow that <select> business.

>	•	When JavaScript code wants to focus a minimized window, Camino now properly restores the window from the Dock.

For the purposes of release notes, how about saying "when a DHTML page focuses a minimized window"?  Or even just "web page" or "web site" or "website"?

>	•	Upgraded the “Block flash animations” code to use Flashblock

Again, don't say code.
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11 years ago
(In reply to comment #2)
> >	•	The status bar now takes on the dark grey, rounded appearance on Mac OS X 10.5.
> "now takes on"?

This one is also in 1.5.4 relnotes.

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11 years ago
Yeah, I know, but my comb has finer teeth for major releases.

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11 years ago
What I meant is that it shouldn't be in 1.6, since it's already been covered in 1.5.4
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draft, take 2

This should fix all of those, hopefully to your satisfaction ;)
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11 years ago
Typo: "Features in Camino 1.1 Alpha 1"

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11 years ago
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draft, take 2

Marcello's got a good catch, 1.1->1.6.  Here are some more:

>	•	Camino now includes a reference to Firefox in the user-agent string sent to web servers.

Were we going to explain why?

>	•	Items in the Downloads window can now be dragged to other locations or opened in applications.

We already had an Open button, this doesn't really make the connection between dragging and opening (via dragging).  Try one of these options:

Items in the Downloads window can now be dragged to move them to new locations or open them in applications.
Items in the Downloads window can now be moved to new locations or opened in applications by dragging them.
Items in the Downloads window are now draggable.
Items in the Downloads window are now draggable, allowing them to be moved or opened in applications.

>	•	Camino will no longer fill disabled password forms.

I think they're fields, not forms.

>	•	Pressing the spacebar when a <select> is focused will now display the pop-up menu.

I know I suggested this, but I think I like "its" better than "the".

>	•	When viewing the source of a frame, Camino now uses the cached data instead of requesting the frame again.

uses cached data, no the?
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1.6a1 notes, as checked in

Made all the changes above, plus a couple mento and I discussed on irc.
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Checked in on the MOZILLA_1_8_BRANCH and the trunk with installer Makefile changes to use the new notes.
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