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Default spellchecker to load dictionaries from GRE folder not APP folder


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Spellchecker fails to load dictionaries for XULRunner applications. This is because XULRunner ships the spellchecker dictionaries in the "dictionaries" subfolder of the XULRunner distribution. Without dictionaries, no spellcheck functionality is present.

The spellchecker tries to locate the dictionaries using the "XCurProcD" (launching process) folder as the root. This works fine for Firefox, Thunderbird, and other libxul apps because the GRE folder is the "XCurProcD" folder. But this fails for XULRunner apps, since the "XCurProcD" is rarely ever the "xulrunner" folder.

Changing the spellchecker to default to load from the GRE folder fixes the problem for XULRunner and doesn't break libxul apps like Firefox and Thunderbird.
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Assignee: mscott → mark.finkle
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Make spellchecker use NS_GRE_DIR as default dictionary root

It's a little unfortunate that we can't load dictionaries from both XR and the app... could you add that here or in mozHunspellDirProvider? Or re-request review if that is unfeasible for some reason.
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This patch is the same as the previous patch except it also checks the app folder for dictionaries.
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