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Add ignore and unignore to the list of items of "User commands"


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It would be nice to have the ignore / unignore commands accessible by right-click, click in the User commands menu, if possible.

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I think the menus are too cluttered as-is, and would prefer to WONTFIX this. I personally at least don't use ignore or unignore unless someone's spamming a channel I'm in and no ops are around. Which happens very rarely. James, what do you think?

(Confirming as it's a valid request, at least)
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I'd tend to agree with Gijs, we already have 7 items in the User Commands submenu, and adding two more pushes it over the guidelines for menu items. I'd also agree that if you're using ignore frequently you are probably being too sensitive or the channel needs new ops.

You could do a plugin for it - perhaps we should do a "crazy UI power-user" plugin which adds loads of these kinds of things to menus? :)
This is getting boring. 
*I* am not using "ignore/unignore" myself. I simply noticed that the ignore command (and the unignore) was one of the most arising problems for users (even though of course they *could* read the help: right now, they are not finding it, I'm sorry. 
Reading the logs of #chatzilla would show that easily.

I don't really know what "menu items guidelines" exist and what kind of "menu designer" decided what "the users really needed". And I don't care. As far as ChatZilla is concerned, my "Edit" menu has 9 items, my "IRC" menu has 8. 
So I won't take the "we already have 7 items and more would be too much", thank you.

Besides, if the request was implemented in the User Commands, it could only be one item I guess (click to ignore / once the user is ignored, same command to unignore, like a toggle thing).

Anyway. Fed up.

Would you guys reconsider this?

It's only a matter of adding one item (ignore) in the User Commands menu, after all. 
If the user is already ignored, then the item could show "unignore" (which, as demonstrated before in the channel, doesn't exist in English but is only "irc jargon, hence many people do not find this command).
So, having it in the submenu would help many people, I think.
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