Article on how to use Talkback (specifically getting a Talkback ID)


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There's an article on Talkback on mozillaZine that I often point users to, which describes how to ensure Talkback is installed and how to extract Talkback IDs from it. If we could get that article (or a cleaner version of it) on SUMO I'd gladly point people there. :)


10 years ago
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10 years ago
I need some info on how to install and how to open Talkback on a Mac.

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10 years ago
Installing Firefox on Mac is as simple as dragging the app to local folder; so as far as I can tell, Talkback is on every Firefox Mac installation.

I'll do some digging/testing on how to run it. Right now, I don't know how.

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10 years ago
Hehe, you gotta love this one <>:
"You can see a list of your crashes by running talkback.exe in the following locations:
    * Windows - C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\extensions\\components
    * Linux - /firefox/extensions/
    * Mac - 


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10 years ago
Okay, I can get it going, but oddly enough, not via terminal.
1. Go to the Applications folder.
2. Right-click on the Firefox app, and select "Show Package Contents"
3. A new Finder window should open. In then new Finder window, navigate with the Firefox contents, down to /Contents/MacOS/extensions/ 
4. Double-click on "Talkback"

I figured running the following command in Terminal would work:

But neither did work. I took a look at the Talkback file info, and it does say "Application (PowerPC)"; so perhaps the using Terminal stopped working, when Apple switched to Intel.

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10 years ago
"open /Applications/"

without the quotes.

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10 years ago
That works. Thanks timeless.

So the instructions would similar to what we have at <>.
'open' and the file path are both on the same line, with on space separating them.

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10 years ago
Ready for review.
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10 years ago
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