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Same justification as bug 380895 and friends, that the spew of expected warnings annoys #build during releases, with the added justification from bug 351476 comment 21 that I actually caught a bug by reading the "possible missing or unnecessary" spew, but only because I knew which ones to ignore and which was new.


* I finally noticed that packages-static is preprocessed, so we don't have to see the errors from non-libxul files on libxul builds, or t'other way around, and can get rid of ucnative.xpt without bothering the person who uses it

* progressDlg.xpt bit the dust in bug 391870, which sent it into exile in xpfe.

* bug 392845 set the precedent to get rid of packaging for extensions that we hate, by removing two of the three bits for xml-rpc, so I'm adding in the missed nsDictionary.js from it, websrvcs.xpt from bug 332174, and the wallet* bits that for some strange reason we still try to package on windows, but not *nix.


things I should have gotten in bug 380895 when I did windows/:

* helperAppDlg.xpt is actually found in exthandler.xpt

* necko_jar.xpt was removed by bug 248044, re-added by aviary-landing

* search.xpt is only build for MOZ_SUITE

* platform-forms.css was removed by bug 272151

* pipnss.jar only contains a contents.rdf we don't build

new unix/ things:

* jsconsole.xpt went away in bug 243170, but it missed the unix/packages-static

* xremoteservice.xpt should have left Fx in bug 280725

* nsInterfaceInfoToIDL.js is apparently a part of websrvcs that wasn't ever packaged on Windows, only *nix

* mozgnome.xpt moved into xpcom_system.xpt in bug 354075

That leaves the intractable existing-profile-defaults.js on both platforms, and a few random things I haven't figured a way around in unix/, which matters a bit less since the unix tinderbox parser doesn't actually catch "Warning: package error..." as an error.
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Fix v.1

serenity now?
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Backed out the unix/packages-static half, since qm-centos5-01 was crashing in mochitests for the two runs while it was in, and bl-bldlnx03 was randomly failing (2 of 7 runs). I strongly doubt it was at fault, but I'm fairly indifferent to that half of the patch, so we'll see whether I'll manage to find a time and a way to land it again.
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> we'll see whether I'll manage to find a time and a way to land it again.

You may want to retry/reopen this bug or file a follow-up...
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