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[FIX]"ASSERTION: Wrong parent style context" with xul:treeitem and -moz-inline-grid


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Attached file testcase
frame: Block(div)(0) (0x24ba978) style: 0x24ba928 {}
###!!! ASSERTION: Wrong parent style context: 'Error', file /Users/jruderman/trunk/mozilla/layout/base/nsFrameManager.cpp, line 818
Wrong parent style context:  style: 0x24ba8a0 {}
should be using:  style: 0x214df5c {}

###!!! ASSERTION: Style contexts are not in the same style context tree: 'top1 == top2', file /Users/jruderman/trunk/mozilla/layout/base/nsFrameManager.cpp, line 781
I claim that xul.css is buggy.  Or nsCSSFrameConstructor is.

To be precise, the problem is that when we set the <div> to display:none, we try to remove the frame.  But its parent is a <xul:treeitem>, so NotifyListBoxBody makes us bail out, and the ContentRemoved call does NOT in fact remove the frame from the tree.  Things sort of go downhill from there; I didn't really bother to figure out exactly how that failure leads to an incorrect style context on a frame that shouldn't even be there.

I think the rule at should use !important.  Alternately, we should remove the tree hack from NotifyListBoxBody.

Neil, Neil, any preference for course of action?
Flags: blocking1.9?
Off the top of my head I'd prefer to remove this hack that you mention.

I don't see any benefit in making the display rules important.
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Summary: "ASSERTION: Wrong parent style context" with xul:treeitem and -moz-inline-grid → [FIX]"ASSERTION: Wrong parent style context" with xul:treeitem and -moz-inline-grid
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Like so

Move the aUseXBLForms check to the front since it will always be false.
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Checked in, with that change.
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Crashtest checked in.
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