Sending mail fails when switching from a mail account that has REPLY-TO and BCC to an account that doesn't



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I have two accounts.  One for work, one for my gmail.  My work account is setup so that it automatically replies to and creates new messages with BCC and REPLY-TO fields filled in.  The GMail account does not have any pre-filled fields. Along the top of the compose window, theres the expected FROM drop down that allows you to select different accounts.  

When switching from the work account to the gmail account, write up the email as normal, when clicking SEND, it reports back stating:

"Sending of message failed:  No recipients were specified.  Please enter a recipient or newgroup in the addressing area."

Other things to note about the composition window:

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1> Setup two accounts.  One account will need SEND-TO and BCC as defaults when composing email.  (Unsure if its one or both causing the issue)
2> Start a composition.  Use the drop-down to select the other account (That doesn't use pre-fills)
3> Fill in a proper email address as well as the rest of the message as a test.
4> Click SEND

Actual Results:  
When doing this several times, the contents in the account drop down in the composition window fills in several times.  So after 4 tries, I'd have 6-8 entries, not just 2.

If after I try to send the mail and get the error, I am no longer able to add email addresses to the addressing area.  Other than line that contains an email address, it effectively becomes a read-only component.

Expected Results:  
Mail should send as per normal.

My work account also contains a signature.  When switching from work to gmail, the signature does not disappear and remains.

Plug ins I have installed:
Lightning 0.5
MinimizeToTray .0.01.2006102615+
Provider for Google Calendar 0.2.1

No extra themes or toys installed.

My work mail is setup to work with IMAP, while gmail is POP3.

There is a work around, but its a severe pain.

Copy the message content to the clipboard, close and don't save the composition, in Thunderbird, select the GMail account, or a subfolder of the account, then create the new email not using the account drop down in the composition.  Paste the mail body and re-enter the addresses to send to.

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10 years ago
does it happen with TB started in safe mode?

Comment 2

10 years ago
not sure I follow the description but I don't see it version 3.0a2pre (2008070205)

=> incomplete due to no response
please comment if you see this with TB started in safe mode
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