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KB article: Configuring keyboard shortcuts


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-How to remap keyboard shortcuts (if possible)
-That you can't do it (if not)
-A link from (if possible)
Is this possible?  The only information I could find was the KeyConfig extension.  I asked someone I know who is an expert at chrome hacking and he said he was sure this was hard coded and could not be changed manually.  Should we just link the support article that lists the available shortcuts and the KeyConfig extension?
If we link to KeyConfig, does that obligate us to provide support for it?  I think that if it is hard coded we should give a huge disclamer, link to KeyConfig, say we don't offer support for this, and advise against it. 
I would certainly agree that if we link to KeyConfig that we put in there that Mozilla offers no support and guarantees no specific functionality from it.
I do think providing helpful information, such as pointing people to KeyConfig, trumps cold feet about some people unreasonably expecting SUMO to support KeyConfig just because it is pointing people out that it exists.
If an extension is the only way to do it, say that it can't be done (as Jason said in comment 0), and say that there is an add-on that will let you do it. Link to the add-on, and may be add instructions on how to install it; but don't go further than that.
ok, then how do we make sure that is the only way to do it?
Search the web, ask around, search the knowledge ba...out wait. :-)
haha, ok will do
I can't find anything but KeyConfig.  are we linking to that?
IMO this is ideally on the shortcuts article at the bottom and it'll turn up in the search, rather than having a whole new article.
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I'll unlock the Keyboard shortcuts article, and add this to the bottom of it.
Just a note: I can't find KeyConfig on AMO; so we suggest it.
Correction of typo:
Just a note: I can't find KeyConfig on AMO; so we can't suggest it.
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