nonroot installation instructions tell you to modify files that don't exist

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11 years ago
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Bugzilla 3.2
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If you had to install Perl modules as a non-root user (Section 2.6.4) or to non-standard directories, you will need to change the scripts, setting the correct location of the Perl modules:

perl -pi -e
        's@use strict\;@use strict\; use lib \"/home/foo/perl/lib\"\;@'
        *cgi *pl processmail syncshadowdb

a), processmail, and syncshadowdb no longer exist, and haven't, in a few versions.

b) If you copy/paste that code directly, it won't work without a \ added on the end of the first two lines.

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11 years ago
Dave - do you know what files *do* need to be modified, if any? Or should we just take this out?
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pm files don't need to be touched, and there are no executable files left that don't have suffixes.  It should be safe to just do .cgi and .pl files.  And I'd include the dot.

perl -pi -e \
   's@use strict\;@use strict\; use lib \"/home/foo/perl/lib\"\;@' *.cgi *.pl
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14:31:43 <@LpSolit> errr... justdave, wait
14:31:50 <@LpSolit> we now have ./lib/
14:31:59 <@LpSolit> all scripts look into it
14:32:03 <@LpSolit> no need to change anything
14:32:39 <@justdave> ah, just have to tell cpan to install there then
14:32:57 <@justdave> or use that installer thingie mkanat cooked up
14:33:21 <@LpSolit> justdave: bug 399954
14:33:21 <+bugbot> Bug Installation & Upgrading, enhancement, --, Bugzilla 3.2,, RESOLVED FIXED, Make Bugzilla able to hold its dependencies in a local directory


11 years ago
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11 years ago
max - with the script, does that basically replace the non-root perl installation process described here:

Or do we still need to tell CPAN where to install the modules or install a separate perl in $HOME?
Assignee: documentation → sam.folkwilliams
No longer depends on: 413273
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11 years ago
Depends on: 413273
It replaces those instructions entirely and nobody should ever have to do a manual nonroot CPAN installation anymore.
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11 years ago only exists in 3.2, so I don't think we want to update the doc in older versions. Dave, as you reported the bug, is that fine for you?
Target Milestone: --- → Bugzilla 3.2

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11 years ago
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This might be too drastic - took out the cpan stuff and simplified this down to running the script (and providing link to its documentation).

Also fixed some formatting problems. 

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I don't think there is, but someone else might thing there is merit in the 'install your own personal version of perl' bit... If there isn't, then it's fine with me as is, if there is then it needs that reinstating.
I'm sure there's documentation elsewhere on the Internet about how to install your own version of Perl--we don't have to duplicate that information here.
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draft 1

r=me (inspection) based on my previous comment and MAx.
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11 years ago
No answer from justdave about my question in comment 6. So considering this bug as fixed:

Checking in docs/xml/installation.xml;
/cvsroot/mozilla/webtools/bugzilla/docs/xml/installation.xml,v  <--  installation.xml
new revision: 1.151; previous revision: 1.150
Last Resolved: 11 years ago
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