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I believe this happens (intermittently btw) ONLY after hibernation:
Computer loads back up, everything comes up where it was previously and, in some instances, passwords do not fill in. When I go to my Password Manager, the entire manager is BLANK. No URL, no passwords -- nothing.

If I restart Firefox, everything is back to normal 99% of the time. This issue has  occurred no less than 5x in the last couple of months.  I'd say the first time it happened was Aug. or Sep. (and, thus, I assume is a result of one of those updates).

Reproducible: Sometimes

Steps to Reproduce:
1. open browser
2. put computer in hibernation
3. take computer OUT of hibernation, create a new tab or go to a site in your browser which IS in your Password Manager. If PwM does not fill it in...
4. Go to TOOLS > OPTIONS and check the PwM and see if the URL/PWs are present.
Firefox doesn't really care about hibernation, or even know when it's happening. I'm not sure what would seem to cause logins to disappear, unless there's something screwy with your profile or if some buggy extension is causing trouble. Best I can suggest is to start with a clean profile, enable the javascript.options.showInConsole pref, and report any errors in the Error Console if this somehow happens again.

Without steps to reproduce or a specific error there's not much to be done here, and I have not heard of others having this problem.
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Passwords not appearing in the UI and not replaying in sites sounds broken, but I don't see how it's a security problem. If anything your passwords are _more_ secure from snooping in this state :-)

I'd check with the helpful folks in the tech support message boards or on-line chat and see if they've heard of anyone else experiencing this. Sometimes even if we can't reproduce it ourselves we can get enough bits of evidence from multiple reports to get pointed in the right direction. And they should be able to work with you to capture the evidence we need of the problem. You can find links to tech support at
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