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Looking up a crash report you have submitted is difficult, because you have to find the Crash Reports directory on your computer, figure out which file in it represents the report, and then open it and copy the URL in it to your browser.

It should be easier to look up your report.  Perhaps this could be accomplished by including the URL to your report (or at least the report ID) in the dialog and allowing users to copy it into the system clipboard so they can paste it into their browser after restarting it (once bug 393991 is fixed).  Or maybe there's some way to make crash reports available from the browser interface (about:crash?).
There is bug 382958 about displaying the URL to the crash report in the crash reporter.  One thing to note is that we don't actually have this info until the report gets submitted to the server.  Another thing to note is that reports take about 5 minutes to process, so looking them up right away doesn't get you anywhere.  Additionally, until gets fixed, you get a 404 on reports that have been submitted but not processed.  Finally, I think we left this out because we weren't sure if users would actually want to see these crash reports.  Obviously this is useful to developers/testers, but we kind of assumed that most users just wanted to get back to browsing, not file a bug.
Oh, additionally, Nightly Tester Tools offers a menu to list your submitted reports.  bsmedberg also floated the possibility of offering an extension just for the purpose of letting you see your submitted reports, for people that don't want to install NTT.

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11 years ago
Can I steal the NTT code and put it in Firebug? I was thinking about doing something just out of self defense. Probably the largest group of people who can use crash reports would be 1) moz dev ppl, 2) extension developers, 3) javascript developers.  Many in #3 use firebug.  Would it make sense?
Going to WONTFIX this.  Our preferred solution here will be to fix this server-side, so that it can email you when your crash report is processed with a link to the report.  Optionally you can use Nightly Tester Tools to get a list of submitted reports.
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