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For me at least, showing a single-day view in the Calendar side of lightning is a waste of space -- I have a widescreen, and can usually fit a full week or month into the display much more effectively.  So single-day view is not terribly useful.

But the Today pane is by design nice and narrow.  So I suggest having an alternate view available in the today pane, showing a single day calendar.  (See attached mockup for a rough idea.)  It's colorful, easily readable, and makes better use of the sidebar space (IMHO) than a usually-fairly-empty textual list view of events and tasks.

If it were to get fancy, I'd love the ability to drag&drop an email onto this view, and automatically create an event or task, tied to the email.  (Currently I can't do that at all, I think -- just add a link to a webpage or document, but not an email...)  This ability is foreshadowed by the feature that lets me accept an invitation and have it show up on the calendar -- that's great!  But it only works for invitations...

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mockup of single-day calendar view in today pane
It may be possible to do this via an extension. CC'ing Christian for thoughts.

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There are several other proposals at

I don't currently have a wiki account; could someone who owns this feature link this bug to that page, so the ideas are located together?  Thanks!
I think this will become extension fodder. Putting a weeks worth of events into the today pane doesn't really fit to our today pane concept. If you are interested in creating an extension to do this, feel free to show by in #calendar on, or contacting me per email.
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Summary: Integrate single-day view into today pane → Integrate single-day view into today pane [extension fodder]
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10 years ago
Fair enough.  Though to clarify, I didn't call for a week's view crammed into the today pane, just a single day displayed as a calendar (rather than the colored-event list we have now).  Additionally, when I suggested this, the reworked today pane hadn't landed yet-- at that point it was entirely just a list, without colors to indicate calendars, or the two-line detail we have now; additionally you couldn't drag-n-drop emails onto it to create events or tasks.

I still think the single-day visual calendar is useful, as it lets me see viscerally how busy my day is going to be; additionally I could create an event on it in the same way as I would in the Calendar mode, without having to switch modes (which streamlines my workflow a little bit).

Visually, I'm suggesting that the calendar-decorated-day-view#day-view from the Calendar mode deck be deck'ed over the modevbox#agenda-panel as well, so that you could cycle among Events & Tasks, Events, Tasks, and "One-day view" (or something).  I don't know how difficult that would be to do, as I haven't looked into the code yet.

I'm happy to wait on this for an extension, and may try to swing writing the extension myself.  (It'll have to wait a while though; I don't have too many cycles to give to writing code except for school right now :-p)
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