"Download failure code: 80070057" when trying to Save Image



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n.b. possibly related to http://forums.mozillazine.org/viewtopic.php?p=3057663 ?

Save Image on certain sites generates "There was an error downloading the file ___" consistently on some of my systems, but not all. (Yes, I know that's not very helpful.) The major commonality is that appears to be on sites running Apache. Sites running IIS or other webservers download ok. Firefox and Safari download images from all affected sites ok also. G5 is affected, but iBook G4 is not.

The images, btw, display and load fine, and can be dragged and dropped fine. They just won't save.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Find an image you want to download,
2. right click and select Save Image,
3. choose the folder.
Actual Results:  
No image downloaded. Error alert dialogue. Console says Camino[-PID-] Download failure code: 80070057.

Expected Results:  
File should have been saved.

This doesn't happen on sites that run, say, IIS like Ars Technica. It does happen on http://caminobrowser.org/img/Logo.gif too, fwiw, or http://www.joyoftech.com/joyoftech/joystuff/timeforleopard/leopardbox.jpg

All of those sites are also Apache-based.

Firefox and Safari both work on the affected G5 and download all the images mentioned; the G5 is a quad system 10.4.10 2GB RAM running Camino 1.5.2. The unaffected iBook G4 is also 10.4.10 1.25GB, also running 1.5.2. Neither system has APE, and both are connected to the same network switch. Permissions on download folders all writeable by user.
The generic error message is a symptom of bug 314803 comment 24 and bug 315305, most likely.

If you run Camino with a fresh profile (http://pimpmycamino.com/parts/troubleshoot-camino) on the affected Macs, does the problem persist?

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11 years ago
Running it with a fresh profile does fix it -- I can Save Image fine from the G5. As soon as I go back to my old profile it's back to error 80070057.

What should I look for in my profile? (Obviously would not like to lose all my settings and bookmarks ;) I don't have anything custom in prefs.js on either system.
Typically downloading problems are related to messing with the cache settings, but since you have healthy and unhealthy Macs which presumably have fairly similar prefs settings, you might try diffing (or otherwise doing a file comparison of) prefs.js/user.js.

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11 years ago
No user.js file on either system.

Replacing the G5's with the G4's prefs.js didn't make any difference. (Went back to the G5's original prefs.js.) There were slight changes due to different printers and font sizes, otherwise identical.

Dumping cache did work and now everything operates fine.

Is this related to bug 388649 or bug 309879 maybe? I forgot to note icon size code before I purged it tho.

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11 years ago
Er, never mind, icon cache was NOT cleared by Empty Cache. It is approximately 24MB fwiw.
Without any further details on what might have caused this, I think it's safe to resolve this INCOMPLETE. Cameron, if this recurs and you can associate recent activity with its recurrence, please re-open this and add some more information :)

Last Resolved: 11 years ago
Resolution: --- → INCOMPLETE

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