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provide tree names and basic status as JSON


(Webtools Graveyard :: Tinderbox, enhancement)

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I'd like to be able to get a list of trees and basic status in one shot, programmatically (whether they are open or closed, last report from each builder). Currently there is no way to get a list of tree names, and the existing JSON output for each tree is far too large to practically read all of them in at once.

Basically, the equivalent of each $tree/panel.html file but as JSON not HTML.

Since the file needs to be updated each time a build notification email comes in, we probably do not want to rescan all trees to rebuild this file. One way to do this would be to implement both a JSON reader and writer, and only modify the parts of the status file that changed.
A fix up of Rob Helmers patch in bug 366784 to support a fat free JSON tree listing.
A diff of a few files like index, showbuilds, and tbglobals with some fixes to make it output some generic tinderbox information (i.e, list of trees and builders).

A draft
This is just a .tar.gz of all the files diff'ed in case anyone wanted to look at them separately.  Just put these into your /var/www/(tinderbox) folder and it should work.

This is a draft version.
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Tinderbox isn't maintained anymore. Closing.
Closed: 2 years ago
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