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Lightning inhibits other mail programs


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I installed Lightning in Thunderbird to see if I could use it.
However, Thunderbird is NOT my primary mail program. After installing Lightning, I cannot get other mail programs to run. Specifically, Mailwasher starts but the main application window never comes up. Also, I tried to start Eudora, but it stalls out and I never got the main application window to come up. 
I uninstalled Lightning, rebooted, and Mailwasher and Eudora are back to normal.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1.Install Lightning 0.5
2.try to start Mailwasher or Eudora

Expected Results:  
Mailwasher and Eudora should still run normally with Lightning installed.
William, are Eudora and Mailwasher connected with Thunderbird in some way? If not, I seriously doubt Lightning inhibits other mail programs, especially if they are separate programs.
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Summary: Inhibits other mail programs → Lightning inhibits other mail programs
They are not connected as far as I know.
I just reported my experience. Problem went away when Lightning was removed.
Attached image Eudora + Lightning
Eudora is based on Thunderbird. From a quick look at the Eudora 8.0.0.b1 it's clear that Eudora identifies itself as Thunderbird (uses same extension id) and also uses the existing Thunderbird profile. 

Lightning is developed as an extension for Thunderbird. It seems that Eudora changed many aspects in Thunderbird that will break Eudora (Thunderbird) + Lightning. I did a test installation in a clean profile and it's starting up at least, see screenshot.

For Lightning it's not possible to detect that the application is not Thunderbird if it claims to be Thunderbird I guess. So I can just suggest to not install Lightning in a profile used by Eudora. Or use a separate profile for Thunderbird and Eudora by using the "-P" command line switch.
We don't support eudora officially, I'd say the workaround ssitter posted is the way to go. If a specific fix for Eudora or Lightning emerges, this bug can be reopened or a new bug can be filed.
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