want VM image installed on sandbox host somewhere for DekiWiki evaluation



11 years ago
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Could we get this VMWare image throw up somewhere that me and sheppy can log into (probably with admin access so that we can play with settings and experiment with different extensions)?  We're looking at this software to help us with MDC, and are eager to get a place to give it a solid poke.

http://www.mindtouch.com/s/dl.php is the link to the ready-to-go VM image.  Lemme know if there are any problems!
I need to find somewhere with 120GB available to host this...
Any progress?  I'm happy to spin up on an EC2 node or something if that's easier.

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11 years ago
Hey Shaver - as comment #1 says, we were short on disk space on the esx host.  I have other disk to carve out for this, and should make some progress today.  Sorry for the delay here.
Sounds good -- if it becomes a pain, just throw it back to me to use EC2 or some such until we need Real Infrastructure to test things on (quite some time in the future, I expect).

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11 years ago
This is up and running, sm-dekiwiki01 (, accessible only over the vpn for now.  Who every should have the root password, please ping me out-of-band.
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Are you guys still using this VM?  It's stuck sitting at a single user prompt waiting for someone to fix a failed fsck but I don't know the root login.
I have removed this VM. It's in exactly the same spot mrz mentioned in comment 6... single user, waiting for disk repair.

Other changes:

sm-dekistage01 - seems to be unused, no services running, date is 3 weeks off, not puppetized, installed in 2009. Powering down, but leaving in place "just in case".

sm-devmo01 - seems to be unused, not puppetized, runs memcache and mysql. MySQL has only local user accounts, memcache receives no queries, no local logins in months. Installed in 2009. Shutting down, but leaving in place "just in case".
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