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Windows XP

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Open Firefox and about 55.6K size is shown in Process; open 5 tabs and the size grows to 135K; over time, more CPU is used (2 Gigs) and eventually hoses the system to the point that Ctl+Alt+Del will not present itself. Shutting down Firefox (if you can; it will go non-responsive) restores the response of the system.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1.  Just use Firefox and it eventually will go non-responsive over a few hours use.
Actual Results:  
This seems to have started on 29 Oct and has gotten progressively worse.  It appears to be a memory utilization issue and the program seems to be hanging on callbacks.  The access to the Internet slows over time (sending an upload command takes 3 to 10 seconds, which is abnormal) and it is not the bandwidth to the Internet because the bandwidth test shows all is normal.

Expected Results:  
When Firefox is shut down, the System restores to a responsive state forcing me to use Internet Explorer or Safari for Windows as a backup.

The current version of Firefox becomes unusable. BTW, Safari is faster under a similar usage configuration (using the same tabs to the same websites).

Comment 1

11 years ago
Correction:  the "K" should be "M" as in megabytes of Memory Usage.  In summary ... Firefox opens with 55M of memory growing to 135M with 5 tabs open and then progressively growing to 180M of memory.

Since this submission, the memory requirement for Firefox has grown to 180M, even if you close tabs.  It has grown 5 to 185M over the past few minutes.

Comment 2

11 years ago
Been doing some testing:

Firefox:  launches at 55M Mem Usage gradually building to 185M and NEVER releases memory; further, when it goes active, it uses 100% of RAM (2 Gigs in this case).

Safari:  launches at 15M Mem Usage gradually building to 135M and goes to 4M inactive; further, it never uses more that 25 % of RAM.

There is something terribly wrong with the current version of Firefox.

Comment 3

11 years ago
Additional Information:

When Firefox grows to 200M and 100% RAM (2Gigs), it goes "non-responsive"; also
noted, that when you minimize, it DOES NOT release memory, it just keeps
growing.  When Firefox goes non-responsive, an error report is generated and sent to Microsoft

Suggestion:  Get this fixed or start loosing Market share, which would be a
shame because allot of good people have put allot of effort into creating the
product.  Remember:  "Perception is EVERYTHING!"

Timestamp: Fri - 02 Nov 2007.0824.10 (Mountain Daylight Time)

Comment 4

11 years ago
Note:  The latest patch, released today, has improved performance; but, the software still uses 100% of CPU (2 Gigs) for a shorter period of time, which helps   and then settles down to 10% in idle, moving to 50% when I start typing.  Before, it was using 100% CPU for more than 10 sec and hosing the system.

Comment 5

11 years ago
Update:  Firefox went non-responsive and generated a error report to Microsoft.

Observation:  CPU usage goes to 100%; if a script slows and is not detected or stops, the system goes non-responsive.  Hopefully there is some way to control CPU usage under your design specification or there is an issue with Microsoft and their current XP OS, which I am told they no longer support and want everyone on VISTA.
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Whiteboard: [CLOSEME 2010-07-30]
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