One minute delay between "save as" request and Firefox action.




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One minute delay between download request and Firefox action. Same delay encountered when deleating each entriy from the download manager screen. Similar delay not displayed in Mozilla, Safari, or Yahoo accounts.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Open Firefox
2. Select "Save Copy as" and supply name & destination.
3. Wait for one minute before download manager activates and begins save.  Same delay encountered trying to delete items from the download manager screen. Painfully slow process. Can't find a Firefox preference that effects in an faster download. My download manager screen now has hundreds of names, last attempt to empty that folder resulted in a CPU lock-up.
Actual Results:  
I wait one minute for the download manager to wake up and begin processing each request.

Expected Results:  
No perceptable delay in download or deleation of files from/to the download manager.

Don't know if this is a problem encountered by others, of just me. Didn't find a mention of it in the existing bug list when I did a search for "Firefox download delays".

I hope this is correctable, as I prefer to use Firefox over the old, unsupported Mozilla or Safari platforms.
You probably have a huge download.rdf file (where the list of files you've ever downloaded is stored).

Have it not been cleared in a while?  Also, it's safe to delete that file (with Firefox not running), and it'll regenerate when it's needed.

Lastly, is a very old build; you really should upgrade to when it's released for stability (crash) and security fixes, too.
Resolving old UNCONFIRMED Download Manager bugs as INCOMPLETE.  If you still see this issue, please reopen.

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10 years ago
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