Add support for filtering exceptions - JS functions for determining how Venkman reacts

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Venkman JS Debugger
10 years ago
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(Reporter: WeirdAl, Assigned: Robert Ginda)


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10 years ago
Right now, we have three states for error and exception handling:
* Always ignore
* Always trace
* Always break

These are far too rigid.  We should add another option, like Venkman's conditional breakpoints capability, that lets users define a function to determine Venkman's reaction.  We should also provide a few filters users can turn on or off - "ignore NS_ERROR_NO_INTERFACE" for example.

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10 years ago,1624#1572

Note to whoever implements this (likely to be me), the crux on whether Venkman breaks on this or not appears to be when debugTrap returns - namely, does it go into the nested loop marked above, or not.
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