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Multiweek view and Month view don't respect locale preferences when composing date


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When composing a short date (31 Oct), which is used in the Multiweek View or Month View of the calendar, Sunbird and Lightning don't respect the locale, and always compose that day in the above form (day before month). In certain locales (Lithuanian, for example), this is not acceptable, and the day should go after month name.
I think this is by design, for consistency.  In month view, day numbers (1-31) are always in the top-left corner of each day's box (regardless if the day's box contains a month name or not).  Personally, I like this behavior because the day numbers are easy to find because they're always in the same place.
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I can understand that it's for consistency. However, such order may not always be acceptable.

Perhaps we need a word from other localizers here? This problem isn't really too big for lt, so I don't mind it staying as long as others also don't.
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