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The 2.0.0.x branch is unable to set some OS integration registry keys after installing the beta


(Firefox :: Shell Integration, defect)

2.0 Branch
Windows Vista
Not set





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The actual fix is to backport bug 370571 to the branch and this bug is about providing a workaround to this problem for people installing Beta 1.
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NSIS script for workaround

This will check for an existing official release of Firefox or greater and sets that installation as the default. and greater have the helper.exe that support the /SetAsDefaultAppGlobal and /SetAsDefaultAppUser command line arguments. I decided to use NSIS instead of a batch file since I had to enumerate registry keys to find the second install location.
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NSIS script for workaround


robert answered these questions of mine:

1)  it's been called helper.exe since an onwards (before it was uninst.exe and a few other names)

2)  helper.exe will ask to elevate.

3) "Install Directory" was not quoted.

finally, I think his FixDefaults.exe is the way to go, better than his batch script, which only works for the default install case.

Is the plan to have a support article and have it point to FixDefaults.exe?
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beltzner we should get this into beta1 release notes 4sure.
Can someone write up the release note for this item and send it to me? Thanks.
Sent the following

Windows and Windows Vista
If you install Firefox 3.0 Beta 1 alongside Firefox 2.0,0,x and find that Firefox 2.0  is not opened when opening web pages from other applications or it is not opened  when clicking "Internet" in the Start Menu you can resolve this by doing one of the following:
Reinstalling the latest release of Firefox 2.0
Save and then launch the executable available at 
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