Tab progress spinner from first window-worth of tabs bleeds through to loaded pages in other tabs



11 years ago
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(Reporter: alqahira, Assigned: stuart.morgan+bugzilla)


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Mac OS X
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When restoring all my tabs today, I noticed that one page (the wiki url above) had finished loading (all the content was there, plus the toolbar throbber was stopped and disabled, and the progress bar in the status bar was gone), but I had a blue globe (instead of the wiki.cbo site icon, which is not uncommon when I'm restoring my hundreds of tabs) *and* the tab progress spinner on top of it.

Eventually (after all the rest of my tabs finished loading?) the stray spinner did cease spinning and vanish.

I'm not positive if it's my internet connection which is dropping every 30 seconds or something real, but Stuart said "Still sounds like a bug", so here we are.
OK, what seems like it's happening is that "tab position N" draws the spinner, even if the current tab in position N is not loading, as long as the tab in tab position N at the beginning of your tabs is still loading.

I just saw this again in the second tab position in my window, and it turned out that the literal second tab was still trying to load, so the spinner was drawing on top of whatever tab was in the second position in my window.  Making the second tab load/stop loading made the phantom spinner vanish.

It's late and I'm tired; does that make sense at all?
I've just reproduced this again, and comment 1 is evidently what's actually happening.

It should be able to be reproduced loading a tab group that's two windows worth of tabs, where the initial window-worth are very slow to load, and the final window-worth are visible and quick to load. 

Trying to tweak the summary to make the real problem clear.  Trying.... ;)
Summary: Tab progress spinner can sometimes persist after a page finishes loading → Tab progress spinner from first window-worth of tabs bleeds through to loaded pages in other tabs

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11 years ago
Tagging as a regression and setting milestone accordingly.
Keywords: regression
Target Milestone: --- → Camino1.6


11 years ago
Depends on: 406510


11 years ago
Assignee: nobody → stuart.morgan

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11 years ago
This was fixed by the patch in bug 406510.
Last Resolved: 11 years ago
Keywords: regression → fixed1.8.1.12
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Yeah, I can't trigger this any more :)
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