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GCC warns about uninitialized variable in js_EmitTree


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After landing the patch for bug 376957 GCC has started to complain at -Os optimization:

gcc -o Linux_All_DBG.OBJ/jsemit.o -c -Wall -Wno-format -DGCC_OPT_BUG -g -DXP_UNIX -DSVR4 -DSYSV -D_BSD_SOURCE -DPOSIX_SOURCE -DHAVE_LOCALTIME_R -DX86_LINUX  -DDEBUG -DDEBUG_igor -DJS_THREADSAFE -DEDITLINE -ILinux_All_DBG.OBJ -I/home/igor/build/browser-trunk-dbg/dist/include/nspr -Os jsemit.c
jsemit.c: In function 'js_EmitTree':
jsemit.c:3916: warning: 'ale' may be used uninitialized in this function

It would be nice to address this annoyance.
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The patch adds ale = NULL to quell GCC and changes the switch into the if/else with asserts to minimize the code.
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The bug blocks 376957 as this is formally a regression.
Blocks: 376957
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fix v1

Whoops, thanks for fixing. Waldo can r+ too (I think he's a peer -- he should be if not, I think).

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Yeah, I am -- looks good to me.
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fix v1

This is a fix for GCC warning to have less noise when compiling SpiderMonkey.
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fix v1

Taking this as it is a P2.
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I checked in the patch from comment 1 to the CVS trunk:
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