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I ran into this when trying to debug bug 407277.  The output from trace-refcnt included the address of the leaked object in lowercase:

1476 @0x3f13ef90 (1 references; 0 from COMPtrs)

but gave me nothing for "--object 0x3f13ef90".  It worked fine when I retried with "--object 0x3F13EF90".  I only figured that out because outputs the address in uppercase.

IMO, should work given an address in either case.
This just requires changing this line:
          next LINE unless ($obj eq $::opt_object);
to do a case-insensitive comparison.  (Probably either call lc on both arguments -- maybe on $::opt_object once outside the loop -- or use the i parameter to a regexp match.)
I don't know perl, so can you do it? :)
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Uppercase the parameter value.

*Move a line to optimize a loop a little.
*Add/remove a few blank lines.
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1) don't reformat all the code

2) don't assume that the stuff in the log is one case or the other.  It may vary between platforms.  (However, find-leakers and make-tree are consistent.)
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Av1, with comment 4 suggestion(s),

*Merge |$callGraphRoot| declar + init lines.
*Add a few comments.
*Remove unused |my ...|s.
*Remove unreachable code.
*Add forward declarations, to silence warnings.
 *And add a "missing" parameter value.
*Indent one line.
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Don't reformat all the code and make lots of arbitrary changes, especially given that this has no test suite.
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There's probably not a good component for bugs like these.
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