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FF let's one set-up an icon it uses in task-manager and that is also being displayed in title-bar. When running multiple profiles concurrently (with -no-remote switch) it would be very handy to have the FF-instances differentiated using custom profile icons.

This wouldn't even involve new GUI, just make FF check some profile-based location whether there is an icon - if so let FF use that icon instead of the default one ($FFhome$/chrome/icons/default/main-window.ico).

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11 years ago
I don't ever see this becoming a part of Firefox. Most users don't ever see the profile manager.
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11 years ago
Well, I know it is not "#1 Feature For The Masses", but it would help when you are running more profiles at once, which is my case (default, dev, test)... I assume this wouldn't take much of work (just one fork with path-check), and that is the reason why I dare to suggest this feature at all. :)
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5 years ago
Some years have passed, and running multiple Firefox profiles is becoming more common —and so seems the need for different window icons. To get an idea of common questions:

On Windows, Firefox also uses separate AppIDs for different profiles, making it possible to pin different profiles to the taskbar. These shortcuts can have different icons, but this will not be reflected by Fx windows.

Implementing this feature would also help those who were let down by the demise of Prism/WebRunner/Chromeless in the past years, as there is currently no good SSB option with profile isolation.

Comment 5

5 years ago
Agree that this is now more useful; another browser implemented profiles in late 2011 that prominently feature separate icons to differentiate multiple profiles running at once. With a bit more UI polish, and perhaps more integration between sync and profiles, I think plenty of users would use this, though it'd be good if they didn't have to see the current profile manager too often!

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5 years ago
It should be noted however that the "another browser" does not actually feature separate profiles, although it can show separate taskbar icons. Pinned webapps run in the same "profile space" as the non-themed browser windows.

Firefox has separate profiles, separate AppIDs (i.e., separate taskbar icons), but is still missing a way to visually differentiate profiles. A different window icon would be the bare minimum, but would noticeably increase usability.

Comment 7

5 years ago
As a web developer, this feature is extremely useful to test websites with different accounts. I found this extension which makes switching between profiles very easy.

As ffx developpers are currently working on more important features (performances, html5, responsivness,...) it could be a good place for anticipating this.

It provides an option allowing to display the current profile in the titlebar (not working on my nighly 26, I don't know for others). This seems to be the easiest way to differentiate windows by profile.

I hope this info can help.

Comment 8

5 years ago
I'd never thought of having this option before, but I'd probably make use of it if it were available.
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Comment 9

2 years ago
Can someone confirm this is still broken/missing from the latest Firefox? I haven't been able to figure out how to do this, and 3rd-party extensions that used to do so appear to have all been broken by recent Firefox changes, without a replacement.
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