No multiple selections between frames (or just don't ghost/gray them?)




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[anthonyd: feel free to take this one if you want it, per your tracking of bug 

This is split off from bug 36848, where anthonyd and I discussed this bug in 
more length/detail.

Unlike NS 4.x, IE 5.x currently does not allow multiple selections between 
frames (i.e. you can't select text in one frame and then select it in another 
on the same page).  This, IMHO, is a Good Thing - with multiple borderless 
frames that don't have scrollbars, it's nearly impossible for the average user 
to tell that the page he's using is divided into frames (Check out the URL 
above to see how tough it is, if not impossible, to visually distinguish).  
Thus, to the average user, it would appear that he's able to select two 
different sets of text on the same page at the same time.  I think the ghosted 
selection method (discussed in length in bug 36848) would just be even more 
confusing in this scenario, and thus I think with regards to frames, multiple 
selections should not be allowed.  This seems like it would prevent a lot of 
unnecessary confusion, since having multiple selections between frames doesn't 
even seem like much of an advantage.  

Still, I can understand those of you who will argue that for easily 
distinguishable framesets, multiple selections should be allowed.  I realize it 
would be a big waste of time (and also a logical flaw in consistency to the 
advanced user who can recognize borderless, scrollbar-less frames) to 
specifically block multiple selections between frames that don't have borders 
or scrollbars.  However, I would like to see some discussion here about what to 
do - nothing? no multiple selections? get rid of the confusing ghosting in this 

I don't mind closing this bug up as a wontfix, but I'd like to hear some 
arguments first.


18 years ago
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Comment 1

18 years ago
in 4.x you're right I can't easily select text from both frames. That I think is 
very confusing, as you state if a user sees the text and can't select it, I 
think that would be more confusing/frustrating than what we offer in 6.0. I 
would suspect that most users would think -- If I can see it, I should be able 
to select it, and then I should be able to copy it. In 6.0, the feedback is 
clear that you have 2 selections, one has focus and the other does not. 
I can't drag select across in 6.0 either.

I can, however, in both 4.x and in 6.0, select text separately in both frames. 
In 4.x both selections look as if they are active. In 6.0, the one selection is 
grayed, as if it does not have focus. Granted, for the user who does not realize 
it is framed base, then yes that may be confusing at first. But, how confusing 
would it be for the user who has text selected in both frames and only gets to 
copy paste a portion of the selection? That to me seems to be more frustrating.

I believe that the current state of 6.0 is correct:
1. cannot drag seelct across frames (same as 4.x)
2. can independently select within multiple frames (same as 4.x)
3. provide clear feedback as to the state of the selections (not what 4.x does)
Last Resolved: 18 years ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX

Comment 2

18 years ago
OK, I can agree with that.
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