could nightly calendar builds finish earlier (e.g. at ~8 am UTC)



11 years ago
11 years ago


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11 years ago
Nightly calendar builds currently finish early in the afternoon (UTC). This is a bit late for European folks who want to have a quick look on a certain bug fix or feature implementation, or be it in regard of a Test Day.

Could calendar nightly builds be triggered more early, so that the bits are in place at around 8 am UTC?
Nightly build hour for Sunbird and Lightning is currently set to 03 (Pacific Time) for tinderboxen and to 09 (Pacific Time) for l10n tinderboxen via $build_hour in If there is no objection it can be probably moved to a different time.
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I asked the guys in #build and from what I heard there are no further implications. I'd say we can go ahead and change the build hour. Maybe a newsgroup post or a decision on the confcall would be good.

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11 years ago
i'd like to switch the build_hour for the regular tinderboxes to 18
(afaik, 6pm pacific time). to keep the delay of the l10n tinderboxes,
i'd like to change them accordingly to 23 ( 11pm pacific time - reducing
the delay from 6 to 5 hours).

i'm going to switch the build times today, once the according builds are done

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11 years ago
Last Resolved: 11 years ago
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Nit: Having the build hour at 18 makes the builds *feel* old and outdated. For example the 20081018 Sunbird nightly build is now produced 15 hours after the corresponding 20081018 Firefox/Thunderbird builds. And if you are a tester in Europe the newest Sunbird nightly build is always dated back to yesterday :)

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11 years ago
Checked with latest Sunbird and Lightning builds -> fixed and verified.
Should the same fix be applied to the new solaris-x86 and solaris-sparc tinderbox?$build_hour

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11 years ago
no. due to the different timezone where these boxes are located the current build_hour is correct.
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