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11 years ago
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11 years ago
With the advent of tabbed browsing, it seems that I find myself opening different windows to keep different categories of tabs in.  For example, I have a window full of tabs for documents I need to review, another window that has tabs for various bugs I'm working with, and another that I'm using for editing articles.

It would be extremely helpful for me if I could assign special names that would appear in the title bars of windows to help me keep track of which is which.  For example, a window full of articles I'm actively editing looks an awful lot like a window full of articles I need to review when I have time, so it would be really helpful if I could add titles like "Review These" and "Editing These" to the title bars of my Firefox windows.

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11 years ago
Just an additional remark to expand on that: with the advent of session store, I have these windows that are always around across multiple sessions -- that makes being able to name them something that would be extra helpful, too.

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3 years ago
A simpler enhancement request: Display the name of the tab group in the Browser window, maybe like (I'm using POSIX shell syntax with pseudo_variables)
"${document_title}${tab_group_name:+ [$tab_group_name]} - ${browser_name}"

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3 years ago
Note: I cannot edit some attributes of this bug, but I think "importance" should be "enhancement", and maybe the summary could be made "more crispy" like ""Display name of tab group in browser window".
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