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Only check for the default browser once


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Bug 370927 Comment 5 Smokey Ardisson (no bugmail - do not email)  2007-12-15 23:45:04 PST


I've been doing some thinking on this subject, though.  What's interesting is
that Camino and Firefox are the only two browsers on my Mac that do a "default
browser check" at all (I don't have Opera or Shiira here).  Given that hyatt
has promised pink that all the known cases of Safari stealing the default
browser association have been bugs (instead of malicious like WinIE), I wonder
if we shouldn't 

1) dispense with General.prefPane's "Check on launch" checkbox altogether and 

2) just do Stuart's check here *once*, the second launch of Camino on the given
profile (if we're not already the default), and be done with it--with some
associated polish of the explanatory text there, maybe just an extra \n, to set
off "you can set this in General prefs any time you'd like"

Will this adversely affect our conversion rate and/or increase support
headaches in the "I clicked on a link from Mail and it opened Safari instead"
We can leave the pref in General, but have it default to off.
I generally support Smokey's/Stuart's idea of removing the pref entirely and just telling people "Hey, you can make Camino the default awesome browser in General prefs if you want".
Confirming per discussion at today's meeting; rip it out (all of it, and its little pref checkbox, too)
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I missed the discussion and calls for my comments at today's meeting.

Firefox still slams if you let it.

Safari doesn't do it intentionally but there are still Launch Services bugs that cause it to use a fresh database, and when that happens, Safari is the default.
Given the LS issues that still exist in some cases, I think we should Future this. Someday, the world will be ready for this change ;)
-'ing for b3, and pushing out; this isn't a big enough deal to be worth slowing down 1.6.
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This bug has been buried in the graveyard and has not been updated in over 5 years. It is probably safe to assume that it will never be fixed, so resolving as WONTFIX.

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