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I want to return to my Inbox when I delete a message


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Windows Vista
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Currently, if I read a message (double-click to open it in a main window) and read it, then delete, the next message on th list is automatically opened and marked as read. I would like an option to simply return to the folder the deleted message was in before I deleted it and choose if I want to read any of the others.  Likewise, even if I single click a message and read it in the preview window, when I delete it, the one below it is automatically displayed in the preview pane and again marked as read. I don't want to have to constantly select and 'mark as unread'. I would like an option to have full control over when a message is marked as read and also to close the main reading window and return to the folder on deletion.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Read a message
2. Delete the message
3. The one below it in the folder will either be marked as read (if viewing in preview pane) or opened and marked as read (if viewing in main reading pane).

Expected Results:  
When I delete a message from the full reading pane view (i.e. I've double-clicked it to open it fully), I simply want that full reading pane to close and return me to the folder from which I selected the meeting. I don't want the next message (selected automatically from the list by the software as the one below) to be automatically marked as read. And when I delete a message that I've only viewed in the preview pane, I again don't want the next one automatically marked as read simply because the software's automatically identified it as the next one. I'd like an option or preference to be able to say what happens when I delete and when messages should be marked as read.
Sounds like bug 297534 is what you really want.
Closed: 17 years ago
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