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Location bar / Search bar separator too high


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The separator in the toolbar between the location bar and the search bar now has a very nice native look. But it is a bit to high. With the clearlooks theme, it should display 6 rows of dots for example, not 10. See screenshot attachment for a mockup.
The 6 rows is just some arbitrary number that happened when they decided that specific bar should be 24px tall by default.

So at least in theory, adding 

toolbar > splitter { height: 24px; }

is the fix you want (it'll probably turn out to be 22px)
Summary: Location bar / Search bar separator to high → Location bar / Search bar separator too high
Ian, I tried this, also #urlbar-search-splitter { height: 20px !important; }

But the height is still 30px... why is the value not changed?
#urlbar-search-splitter {
  margin-top: 10px !important;
  margin-bottom: 10px !important;

Achieves something close, although you likely want to make those ~8px each
Thanks Ian!

It actually looks best with 3px I think, because the FF toolbar is higher than the panel which I was comparing to.
Has the display of the separator been disabled in trunk now? I can't see it in the latest nightlies. If this was intentional and is going to stay this way, this bug can be closed.
Yes, it's intentionnal, see bug 393718, but it may change. It's probably good to make this bug a duplicate of 393718, and tweak the height there if it is made visible again.
Thanks for pointing out. I actually like the look we currently have. If the splitter returns, the height should be shorter, right. If not, it's fine this way (perhaps the gap between the two widgets could be a bit smaller... but just 1px I think)
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