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11 years ago
The layout on a particular blog post on is broken in FF3 beta 2.  (see URL and upcoming screenshots)

 1. Navigate to  
      (or any other page outside of

 2. Clear your cookies.
      (Ctrl-Shift-Del, check "cookies", uncheck other options if you want)

 3. Navigate to

I haven't looked at the page's source code much yet, but from looking at the page, it looks like there are three blocks in play:

  Block A:  The main content block (white background, has text of article
  Block B:  Contains Google Ads, then Related Posts, then Comments
  Block C:  A thin blue footer bar, with "© 2007 Inspect My Gadget"

CORRECT BEHAVIOR: (FF2) the three blocks occur in sequence.  (not superimposed.)
BUGGY BEHAVIOR: (FF3)   Block A, Block B, and Block C are all superimposed.

NOTE: Step 1 is in there because I can't reliably reproduce it when reloading from an page

NOTE: Step 2 indicates that the bug may be due to waiting on a new cookie to be obtained.  (If you don't clear cookies, the bug doesn't reproduce, AFAICT)

Comment 1

11 years ago
Created attachment 294523 [details]
screenshot: FF2  (correct)

Comment 2

11 years ago
Created attachment 294524 [details]
screenshot: FF3  (BUGGY)

Comment 3

11 years ago
Created attachment 294525 [details]
screenshot: FF3 w/ reload (slightly buggy)

This screenshot shows FF3 after a reload.  The main layout issue is gone, but one issue that I forgot to mention in Comment #0 remains:  The white main-content block isn't quite wide enough.

Based on FF2 behavior, it should have the same length as the dark blue bar above it, but it's not quite that wide.

(Also, you might notice that there's a button that barely sticks out on the upper-right edge, too -- that's part of this same issue.  The button is present in FF2 as well, but in FF2, it's covered up by the white block, because the white block is wide enough to hide it.)
I can't reproduce the "overlapping blocks" issue. (FF 2007122604 Linux)

I can reproduce the "white main-content block isn't quite wide enough" part.
That changed between 2006-12-07 -- 2006-12-08, most likely from the
reflow branch landing, bug 300030.  I think we need a testcase for that part
to determine whether the new layout is a bug or not.
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