article not relevant for XCode 3 that comes with 10.5



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11 years ago has been removed and replaced by in XCode 3

As such, a sampler report cannot be exported anymore.

There should be updated alternative ways of providing relevant debug data.
I still have on my 10.5 install, right where it said it'd be. XCode 3 as well.

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11 years ago
It's actually a trace template for :)
Håkan wrote this (though it doesn't say he's maintaining it like the general debugging one).

Since a lot of non-Mac Mozilla devs are still on 10.4, it probably makes sense to preserve 10.4 stuff and add anything needed for 10.5

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11 years ago
Check out - it's a new 10.5 app that will detect hangs and show them in a neat list. 

I *think* it might also be able to export sample data... Can someone verify that this is the true replacement?

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11 years ago
Yes, it is able to show a text report, from which it can be (exported) pasted at Mozilla Pastebin. I think it should be used for 10.5 XCode 3 instead of for 10.5. See:
Spin Control's not actually new; I have in in my CHUD tools on my 10.3.9 Mac ;)  

I'm not sure Spin Control is a real replacement for, but it does auto-sample hanging apps, which is nice in that respect.  Its "text report" output is pretty much a traditional sample, but it also has some assorted views you can use to examine the sample.

Sampler.tracetemplate indeed launches Instruments, and you can attach to a process just like before and sample.  It also has some nifty-looking views that wow me with their pretty colors ;)  Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to export any sort of plain-text sample.

So, I've added a section for 10.5 using Spin Control; if everyone seems happy with those instructions, I guess we can close this FIXED.

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11 years ago
I've noticed that you can take samples of any selected app in now. Maybe that is a better replacement for 
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> I've noticed that you can take samples of any selected app in
> now. Maybe that is a better replacement for 

That's worked since 10.3, too ;)  I guess it really depends on our target audience for this page: is it for end-users, who just want to produce a human-readable sample to attach to bugzilla, or is it for developers who would benefit from some of the pretty views of the sample data?

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This would be WFM, there is now an article:
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