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Task mode details pane doesn't show enough details


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Details of the currently selected task are shown in the lower part of the task mode. Currently, only the task title and the description text is shown. There are a number of further properties that should be shown in this area. See [1] for the appropriate proposal.

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Attached patch patch v1 (obsolete) — Splinter Review
This patch carries all the necessary bits and pieces to show more details for the currently selected task. I had to touch the function which transforms a recurrence rule into its natural language counterpart since it was a bit too rigid in order to be reused flawlessly. The rest of the patch is quite straight forward.
Attachment #296964 - Flags: ui-review?(christian.jansen)
Attachment #296964 - Flags: review?(Berend.Cornelius)
The patch looks good I've reviewed it on Mac. I'd like to ask to yo to add
add the following items to the list:

Status: Needs Action
             In Process N% Complete
	     Completed on DATE

Please also mark the "Title" text bold. If possible show the name displayed next to "From:" as link. A click on the link should open the Message compose window.
The patch works great and makes the taskpane look even better than before.
I could not detect anything wrong about it. During the review I also had a look at the file calendar-summary-dialog.js that was also affected by your implementation. There I noticed that you could consolidate your code

>+            if (organizer) {
>+                var name = organizer.commonName;
>+                if (!name || name.length <= 0) {
>+                  if ( && {
>+                      name =;
>+                      var re = new RegExp("^mailto:(.*)", "i");
>+                      var matches = re.exec(name);
>+                      if (matches) {
>+                          name = matches[1];
>+                      }
>+                  }

with according code in that file. Also I noticed that progress and priority related information is not displayed in that dialog. But this is another story...
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patch v1

Attachment #296964 - Flags: review?(Berend.Cornelius) → review+
I have one last suggestion:

Your css -rule
>+#calendar-task-details-grid-right {
>+  margin-left: 15em;

takes care that the second column of the grid is displayed with a certain distance to the first column. Yet it does not prevent that the column is changing its position when traveling through the task tree. I suggest to set a big min-width (e.g 12em) at the first column instead and only small left-margin at the second column.
Attached patch patch v2Splinter Review
Patch with all review comments addressed.

1) The details pane now displays the item status if available
2) 'In Process N% Complete' has been changed to 'N% Complete'
3) Title is now displayed bold
4) The organizer is now a hyperlink
5) Lowered the margin to not waste space

Carrying forward r+ & ui-r+ -> Going to check this in now.
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Attachment #297784 - Flags: ui-review+
Attachment #297784 - Flags: review+
Attachment #296964 - Flags: ui-review?(christian.jansen)
patch checked in on trunk and MOZILLA_1_8_BRANCH

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