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Long text strings in reminder should use line breaks and not scroll horizontally


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Long text strings in reminder should use line breaks and not scroll horizontally. At the moment, long event titles are shown in one line and the window has a horizontal scroll bar. This should generally be performed for strings used in the reminder, if possible.
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Christian, how should we handle events with long titles in the alarm dialog?
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Sadly no screenshot attached I think this is now covered in bug #570124
Attached image Horizontal scrolling
This doesn't seem to be covered by #570124, still broken with source from 11th July.
Attached image Possible solutions
Both making cropping work again and wrapping to multiple lines would fix this bug. Which one is wanted though?
Hi Merike, thanks for the screenshots, now the problem should be clear. The issue I mentioned in comment #2 has nothing to do with this at all.

I really like the second idea, that looks great. In addition I sometimes have events which have their difference just in the last letters ...
Duplicate of this bug: 1092552
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How about after all these years we actually fix this bug :)
Going for the second option here where title and location wrap to multiple lines when necessary.
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