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I do not think this is major for now, but a RFE for fixes. This is annotation residual comments from the pt-BR translation work, but may apply to general. 



"nearly a hundred million users". 

In the pt-BR I asked to modify to large number of users wordwide. Recommendation is that we use a general explanation instead the number til the day we have a trusted web-service model to tie the number of users with the statement.  


" such as by placing it under an open source license " 

This other case, in Brazil ( as an example ) the cultural understanding Software Livre ( as in free to use / modify ) is more catchy to make the point message -- considering the paragraph message is towards direction to the developers in making sure he/she uses a license that allows the use of the source. 

I think this statement example, considering the paragraph purpose, added too much precise value. It's almost like tips the user that via any open source license would solve the problem, which is not correct. My 2 cents is we keep it  " such as placing under open source license that allows the code to be used " or remove the example comment.
What open source license doesn't permit code to be used?  I'm not sure what you're looking to avoid here.

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10 years ago
I'm going to close this bug since we have updated the privacy policy (http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/privacy-policy.html) and this text has been changed but are awaiting final edits from the mozilla.org folks. Bug 416776 is tracking the update to the privacy policy on AMO.
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