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please re-image qm-ptiger-try01


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This machine shipped with 10.4.10. There should be a Talos image with 10.4.8. Can we get this re-imaged with it?
Phong - discs should be on the shelf in 101.01.  You can find me on irc @ mrz if you need help.

Assignee: server-ops → phong.tran
Flags: colo-trip+
No discs needed - pull the image off the ref machine, just like the others.
Blocks: trytalos
re-imaged with qm-ref-tiger_11-29-1007.
Closed: 13 years ago
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Hey Phong, did you do any updates after you imaged? This machine is 10.4.10 again -- it should be 10.4.8.

I'm not familiar with the images for these machines, but maybe the wrong one was used?
Resolution: FIXED → ---

I think the image I have is 10.4.10.  I will check to find a 10.4.8 image and re-image that machine.
Only image we have is the talos image, which phong used.  If we need another OS, we'll need to install from cd, and not sure we have 1.4.8 cds (I'll check adc)...does it have to be 10.4.8?
I think we have some scripts around that work with 10.4.10, I'll give that a try. For some reason I thought our Talos image was 10.4.8 though.
If we have another running machine with 10.4.8, I can take an image of that and build from there.
pretty sure they're all running 10.4.8. Machines are reported as Darwin 8.8.1 on the tinderbox, and there were issues unpacking the dmgs on 10.4.9 and up. Alice, can you confirm?
So, it looks like my production machines are 10.4.8, but the images that I made and that is being used for chromeless testing (and this currently reporting to stage) is 10.4.10.  This makes me think that the image that I created for talos mac machines is 10.4.10 and that I just didn't notice.

Should this be something that matters as long as it is consistently 10.4.10 in the future?  (As it will be if we continue to use the image that I made.)
No wait, we probably need to line up on 10.4.8 just to be able to compare any new machines to the current production mac set.

We'll need to grab an image of qm-pmac01 or 02 or 03 since those are all 10.4.8.  That image will have to be cleaned a bit to remove the machine name and other specifics.
Depends on: 414400
Alice - are those cleaned and ready to be imaged?
There seems to be a problem with the current 10.4.8 image.  Refer to bug 414400.
qm-ptiger-try01 has ben re-imaged with 10.4.8.
Closed: 13 years ago13 years ago
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Product: → Graveyard
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