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Minotaur L10N run script needs to handle URLs with spaces better


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When a URL contains spaces, it is not properly encoded by the script before it calls into doDownload (which it should be). Specifically, here is what works and what does not work as parameters for the -u option:
blah%20blah - this will work.
"blah%20blah" - this will work
"blah blah" - this will NOT work (and it should)
blah blah - this will NOT work (and it shouldn't - we have to have quotes).

So, we need to fix the non-encoded, quoted string case above.

We also need to properly report 404's so that if a URL is parsed incorrectly or is mistyped, a logical error message is shown.
Patch outputs some helpful messages for 401 and 404 errors, since those are the most likely to be encountered (due to typos). It will also output a traceback now when it catches an "unknown" error.

It also unquotes the URL in case it is passed in with by hand encoding so that we don't end up with double-encoded URLs.
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Patch to handle all encoding issues and to output 401 and 404 errors

Changing reviewer to Alice since Rob C's away.
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Patch to handle all encoding issues and to output 401 and 404 errors

Maybe want to print out the errcode in the case where it is neither a 401 or a 404.
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