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10 years ago
I'm interested in tests that mutates or reads the DOM but does not paint or render.  So no layout or GFX is involved in the timing, unlike our Tdhtml tests which test a mix of things.  Having these issues isolated would help us catch regressions and understand performance issues.   Three specific tests which can be adapted immediately: for Bug 375225 is an

But we can add more as we find them.
We need to be very careful with things like the slickspeed test...  It's very easy with tests like that to measure the wrong thing (e.g. to allow frame dropping).

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10 years ago
This just got posted with some interesting comparisons:
Can we get a side-by-side on that last test with 1.8 and 1.9?

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10 years ago
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> Can we get a side-by-side on that last test with 1.8 and 1.9?
Nice...  Except for that array sorting thing, we win.  ;)
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Came up in triage - anything left to do here?
The tests mentioned in the first few comments need to be converted into tests that talos understands so that they can be automated - it would also be nice to shake out any other tests that look like they should go under this umbrella.
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10 years ago
I have some DOM tests online now:

It doesn't seem like it would be that bad to hook this in to the existing infrastructure, will need to investigate more.
For comparison you can see how the dromaeo/tjss test was integrated into talos here:


That contains the individual pages to be tested along with a manifest file.  The pages have been set up to run onLoad and then drop timing information to the pageloader extension.
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There's a lot of different test suites referenced here. Let's open a new bug for a specific set of DOM tests to integrate as Tdom.
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I was under the impression that this bug was about deciding what that set should be....
The determination of what tests are useful and valid should not be a bug filed against Release Eng - we automate the tests that are provided for us (for the most part).  That sounds like something to be filed against firefox itself somewhere.
This bug wasn't filed against Rel Eng initially.  You moved it there...

If it's in the wrong place, please move it to the right one instead of wontfixing?
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