When editing a sent message as new, account used for sending should be the same as with the old message.



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When selecting a sent message to be edited as a new message and sent again, the account used for sending the new message is the one selected as default in Thunderbird's Account Settings, while it would be more convenient if the account was by default the same that was used to send the original message.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Send a message with any account not set as default
2. Select 'Edit As New' for the sent message
3. Click send
Actual Results:  
Message is sent with Thunderbird's default account.

Expected Results:  
Message should get sent with the same account as the old message.

Comment 1

10 years ago
POP or IMAP? Using global inbox? Seems WFM on trunk, using regular POP account and on IMAP also.

Comment 2

10 years ago
You're right: If I select the message to be edited from an account's sent folder, account used for sending is set correctly. But if the message is selected from a local sent folder, where I save all my sent messages for all accounts to save space for accounts with rather limited quotas, account is set to default.
Problem is probably explained as follows.
(a) When downloaded mail via POP3, X-Account-Key: header is written
    => Main identity of X-Account-Key: is used for pre-selected From:
       => When Global Inbox("Local Folders" in many cases), very convenient.
       => When non-"Global Inbox" and mail is moved to other account's folder,
          (user defines account to arrange mails. non-"Multiple Identities")
          unwanted mail address is set from X-Account-Key header.
          => Bug 327713 (looks to occur on both reply & "edit as new")
(b) When sent mail or IMAP mail, X-Account-Key: header is not written
    => Main identity(of owner of mail folder where mail is held) is used for
       pre-selected From:
       => When usual account, no problem, because mail is usually held
          in a folder of an account which user want to use.  
       => When "Local Folders", no identity exists, then main identity of
          default account is used.
          => This bug (Bug 414221)

If user defines multiple accounts to arrange mails, user will meet Bug 327713.
If user consolidates dispersed Sent folders, user will meet this bug.
I think following algorithm is better for pre-set From: (i.e account/identity choice) when reply/"edit as new".
(1) See mail address(es) in From: header(when edit as new) or To: header
    (or CC:, when reply) of the mail
(2) Search identities of all accounts
(3) When the mail address is defined as identity, use the account/identity
(4) When not defined, apply current behaviour.

Logic for (1)&(2) is probably already implemented by "Reply to Self" feature.


5 months ago
OS: Linux → All
See Also: → bug 402332, bug 327713
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