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It would be really great to get Prism builds on code changes or even a nightly build for Windows, Linux and Mac.
Mark, can you please give us the basic steps to:

* check out 
* build 
* package

From discussion earlier it sounds like this would pull the latest xulrunner nightly SDK from

I think that building/publishing only on checkin is most economical, but we can do nightlies as well, if that's useful. 

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10 years ago
The basics of building Prism is documented here:

You should be able to use a XULRunner SDK, but you still need to checkout enough of the Mozilla build system for the build system to work. I usually just pull the "xulrunner" tree, but even pulling "l10n-checkout" should be enough.

The trunk source code can be checked out of Mozilla SVN from here:

Checkout the code into the "mozilla" folder, we typically pull the Prism trunk into "prism" subfolder.

We then use a mozconfig as described in the MDC article to start the build.

I can attach my mozconfig if it would be helpful
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We need to complete our transition to nightlies on buildbot, and boost the number of slaves, before doing this.
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mfinkle: Is this still needed?
probably not. if it comes up again, we can reopen or file a new bug.
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9 years ago
If it is possible to set this up now, it would certainly be preferable to having me do all the release builds. Nightly builds would be useful as well, although not essential.

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8 years ago
Moving closed Future bugs into Release Engineering in preparation for removing the Future component.
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