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XPInstall leftovers in packages files


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Attached patch Fix v.1 (obsolete) — Splinter Review
Along the way to removing a ton of unloved bits of xpinstall, bug 406807 removed cmessage.txt, and everything that made xpicleanup(.exe), but didn't remove them from the various packages-static files (so they'll be spewing warnings at Build while they've got better things to worry about, and are already spewing in tinderbox logs) or add them to the removed-files.ins so they'll really go away.
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Fix v.1

Wups, I missed xpistub.dll, since I foolishly looked at Fx build logs, where I foolishly hid it away in the else of an ifdef MOZ_ENABLE_LIBXUL
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Thusly: don't package (lib)xpistub.(dll|so), cmessage.txt, or xpicleanup(.exe) anywhere; remove them all everywhere; take cmessage.txt out of Tbird's NO_PKG_FILES because that confuses rsync mightily; remove nsScriptableIO.js for Tbird since it was being accidentally packaged for non-Windows (or accidentally not-packaged for Windows, depending on which way you think about it).
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And while the package warnings are just annoyances, given our history of crashing in un-removed-files things, that part is probably a blocker.
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Fix v.2

>Index: browser/installer/

Did you really mean to remove these two lines?

r=me otherwise.
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I did indeed mean to remove those (didn't I?). The first one is where we were removing xpistub.dll only ifdef MOZ_ENABLE_LIBXUL, but now that it's gone no matter what, we want it outside the ifdef, the second is where we hated jar50.dll so much that we removed it twice:

 #ifdef XP_WIN
Ah, I missed that.
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browser/installer/unix/packages-static 1.152
browser/installer/windows/packages-static 1.153
browser/installer/ 1.34
mail/installer/windows/packages-static 1.81
mail/installer/ 1.38
mail/installer/ 1.23
suite/installer/unix/packages 1.12
suite/installer/windows/packages 1.48
suite/installer/ 1.17
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Blocks: 417457
Product: Core → Firefox Build System
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