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Minotaur is not detecting changes to search parameters


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Minotaur is not detecting search parameters properly.

It does not detect changes to:
* search engine description
* search engine icon
* search suggestion URL
* search form URL

We need to ensure this data is outputted into our baselines and compared during our verifications.
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This is an output file showing all the information that is now exported.  Also note that I removed the extension export for Dom Inspector and the Firefox theme.  This was requested by both partner builds and l10n as version changes on these extensions would cause false failures.
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This is a comparison run with a Finnish locale comparing Firefox Beta 3 with Beta 2.  You can check this with the expected changes from source here:
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Patch to implement the search change detection

I think we should group the output by engine, not by property. Separating the data is going to make the review of the reference files just harder. And I had to scan back and forth in the diff to see that the suggest diff for wikipedia was actually cut off from the rest by the google suggest diff.

Regarding the diff for Finnish, that is the wrong way around.

From a coverage perspective, this looks ok.

hu looks like an interesting target to look at the bookmarks data,, too.
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This is the revised patch that lists all search engine attributes together in one block to make for easier to read diffs. Diff's that are more like Axel's code inspection diff's.
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The new patch that organizes all search engine attributes together

r=me, with comments. I think we could just use


instead of

engine.getSubmission("", null)

but that's not that much of a matter to me. r=me either way.
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This is exactly the same except that it uses engine.searchForm instead of engine.getSubmission('', null).  I looked at how the actual search bar is implemented and it seems to be a better idea to use engine.searchForm in case we someday decide to change the default behavior of blank search queries.

Carrying Axel's review forward.
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